• Juice Weasels rock the VFW Saturday night, November 10, 2001.
  • Jay Van Meter and Ross Renner prove that some of the Juice Weasels do practice playing their instruments. Sure it's between sets during a live show, but hey, at least they practice!
  • Juice Weasels Ross Renner and Tom Bennett belt out one of their world famous harmonies.
  • Juice Weasel Tom Bennett remarks, "I'm not singing another damn song 'til somebody gets me a another damn beer"
  • The Juice Weasels' hip sound really brings out a young crowd.
  • Juice Weasel drummer, Mike Hickey, explains to fellow Weasel, Ross Renner, his reasons for becoming a P.I., "I've always wanted to drive a red Mazarati and live in Hawaii."
  • "Man, I can't wait 'til I get my red Mazarati and move to Hawaii."
  • This is what happens when you don't have bouncers at the door.
  • Juice Weasel Tom Bennett tries to remain standing during one of Ross Renner's lead vocals.
  • Another photo of Juice Weasel Tom Bennett holding a beer.
  • "Man, we've gotta get a bouncer!"
  • Tom and Robbie during band practice.
  • Tom and Robbie together at band practice.
  • Tom closeup during band practice.
  • Robbie showing off his Robbie body.
  • A rare appearance of Tom Bennett wearing a hat.
  • Jay Van Meter wrapping up Yellow Led Better at band practice.
  • Tom Bennett doing his best Jagger impersonation while singing "Satisfaction".
  • Juice Weasels rockin' the Mission Inn, Riverside, CA in 1997.
  • The Mission Inn has never been the same, they're still cleaning up the debris.
  • "Swing your partner round and round."
  • Jay Van Meter has got rhythm.
  • Sorry girls, Jay is already married.
  • The 2005 "We Break-a Your-a House-a" tour.
  • The 2006 "We Fix-a Your-a House-a Back-up-a" tour.
  • The 2010 "We Crash-a Your-a Wedding-a" tour.
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